Saturday Potluck


Yes,  it’s raining, and rumor has it some of us are leaving town for warmer climates.  However, you stalwart stay-at-homes now have a shot at filling up your plates at Saturday’s  Potluck (10/27/14).  Special Hosts this weekend  are B.J. and Chris, and they have taken the Equinox seriously.  You have an equal opportunity to bring whatever dish most pleases you, and we all will be equally pleased to eat it.

Saturday  at 6:00 PM  come to the schoolhouse and bring some strange autumnal libation possibly to share in teeny tiny shot glasses for those who don’t have the courage to open a bottle of Uncle Milton’s Home Brew,  or maybe bring a six pack of assorted IPA.  We will provide the teeny tiny tasting cups, and note pads in case you discover something wonderful to get you through the winter.

On the CMCA Menu will be leftovers from Labor Day, and likely something new and tasty.  Let’s all celebrate that we aren’t planning to celebrate anything in particular for a change, (except maybe BJ’s Birthday!) and just have a lovely meal and catch up all around with “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.”

Posted by Deborah Neal.