July 4 Festivities


An Important Message to Cape Meares Residents, Visitors,

Homeowners, Firefighters and Tuba Players………….

The 4th of July is Three Weeks Away

It’s time to get out your float!
The unsponsored Parade lines up at 10:45 at the corner of 4th and Pacific.
Where to stand?    Walkers to the south and pets in costume
 Bikers and Horses to the East
Motorized decorated vehicles to the West
Lawn Chairs  down along 4th to the North

Parade Start Time: 11:00    This Year’s Theme:     Water

Potluck Picnic at 1:00

Entertainment:   Betty and Steve Moss*  1:00 – 2:30
Art Show July 4th   1:00- 6:00 PM Indoors
Craft Show July 4th   1:00 – 6:00 PM  Garden Areas
Plant Sale  July 4th – 1:00 – 6:00 PM   Garden Areas
Poetry and Prose Reading Open Mic  –  4:00 PM
Presenters Bring Refreshments

Anyone who would like to participate in the Arts and Plant Activities listed above, please sign up by July 1st c/o  dct.neal@gmail.com  and tell us what you need so we can reserve space for you.

Any sales or monetary exchanges on site recommend a voluntary contribution to CMCA of 10% of the sale.  Pre- and Post-sales not on premises are excused from any expectation.  Participants are welcome to jump in on the 4th without notice but may have to create their own space along the street. Please show consideration for neighbors.

Anyone else who wishes to perform or present is welcome to contact Deborah Neal to make arrangements.

* Listen to Betty Moss sing, “I Got the World on a String.”