CMCA Meeting Reminder and Hosting of Visiting 4K for Cancer Cyclists

First, a reminder of the August Quarterly CMCA meeting on Saturday, August 9, 10 AM, Community Center.  An agenda was previously sent regarding the meeting.  A lite luncheon of gourmet prepared food by local residents will be served following this meeting for anyone interesting in staying.

CMCA was a host on Thursday, August 7, for 25 mostly college-age students who were completing a 70-day, 4,400 mile biking adventure from Baltimore to Cape Meares where the bikers dipped their front tires into the Pacific.  On Saturday they will ride back to Portland where the ride officially concludes. This ride was to raise money for cancer research.

This was an uplifting event for everyone.  Hats are off to Keith and Anita Johanson for their efforts to organize this event.  And thanks to everyone in Cape Meares who was involved in any way to sponsor this event.

The riders had an entourage of support staff and also included the parents and two siblings of one of the riders, Jamie Roberts, who was tragically killed in a bicycle accident in Kentucky along the way to the coast.  The parents of Jamie wanted to be with the other riders when they reached our Cape Meares beach.

After arriving a bit behind schedule the riders enjoyed what a few described as being the best potluck of food for any of the many places they visited during their days of biking.  Special thanks to all of those generous Cape Meares residents who donated food for this cancer fund-raising event.

After the potluck luncheon the cyclists climbed back on their bicycles and made their way to the beach where they lined up along the water and entered into the Pacific Ocean as a group amid yells of joy for achieving this long-awaited goal.  They continued to frolic along the beach for several more hours before they once again mounted their bicycles for the return trip to Tillamook and a visit to the County Fair.

P.S.  Greeting card that was located at the entrance of our community center and shown in the photo at the top of the posting was prepared by Social Chair of CMCA, Deborah Neal.