Rental of Schoolhouse

Cape Meares Community Association
Facility Rental Guidelines
Revised 8/12/11

The Cape Meares Community Association (CMCA) has established the following guidelines for use of the community school house facility. In addition, the attached set of rules is to be followed by all individuals using the facility.

WHO MAY RENT: The primary renter must be a property owner or full-time resident within the community. The renter may invite anyone of his/her choosing (external parties). CMCA desires to keep the school house available for residents and enhance accountability for use of the building since residents will have a desire to protect the structure. The CMCA Board may make discretionary determinations on renting to non-profit organizations. Non-profit groups include government agencies and service groups.

COMMERCIAL USE OF THE BUILDING: Defined as private use for financial gain. Commercial use of the building is permitted. All rules and regulations set forth in this document apply. Extended rental for a commercial enterprise is not allowed.

BUILDING MANAGER: A volunteer Building Manager is assigned the role and responsibility for handling reservations, opening building (key management), and determining the building needs. Key control will be enforced, with limited copies available to the manager and board members. Key control records will be strictly maintained. The volunteer manager will be for one year, with a manager-elect to act as back-up to manager during this time frame. In addition all board positions will provide back-up on a need basis.

BUILDING USE FEES: A rental fee will be collected for activities not strictly for community attendance (i.e., private parties and events). The goal of this fee is to assist in covering operating expenses and building maintenance. The daily rate is $50.00 and half-day fee is $25.00. All CMCA community sponsored functions (for residents and property owners) are at no charge unless otherwise approved at a General Meeting. Donations are encouraged.

If the building is not rented, the renter may use the building prior to their rental day at no charge for set up, with the understanding paying renters have priority over this time period. Should a rental opportunity arise during the set-up time, the renter would have the option to either: l) pay rental for the set-up time; or 2) yield to the paying renter and set-up during their own rental period. For example, should a renter for Saturday wish to set-up Friday night, this would be permitted at no charge assuming that Friday night was not reserved by another renter. Should a rental for Friday night emerge, the Saturday renter would be informed and offered an opportunity to rent Friday night or not use the facility in advance of their rental.

HOURS OF OPERATION: To respect the residents in the community and maintain quiet hours, the building will not be used after 10  pm. No overnight use of the building will be permitted.

ALCOHOL USE: Alcohol must be consumed in a responsible manner, and is to be consumed on the premises only.

CLEANING FEE DEPOSIT: A cleaning deposit will be collected in addition to the rental charge. The cleaning deposit will be completely refunded if the building is left clean and the garbage hauled away by the renter. If not, the manager will deduct costs for cleaning and hauling garbage from the deposit. The cleaning deposit will be in the amount of $100.

RESERVATION POLICY: Reservation for use of facility will be done far enough in advance to prepare for events but protect residents from people wishing to tie up premium time periods too far in advance (e.g., renting the building every New Years Eve for the next five years). Reservations will be permitted up to one year in advance of the rental date. In addition, multiple weekend rental requests during prime season will be available at the discretion of the CMCA Board. Rental arrangements are preferred at least seven days in advance. Rental fee is required within 10 days of making reservation or immediately for rental arrangements made less than 10 days of rental date. The cleaning deposit will be made in the form of a personal check and given to the building manager when the key is picked up for rental. The check will be held until the building is inspected and the check will be returned to the renter if the building is found to be clean. Failure to provide fee and deposit within these specified time frames will result in cancellation of the reservation.

The cancellation policy for renters is:

  1. Greater than 30 days prior to rental, a full refund of fee will be given
  2.  If 30 days or under, the renter may forfeit fee
  3. Cleaning deposit will be returned for cancellations. If the building can be rented for the cancelled day, the rental fee will be returned.

LIMITATIONS: No sale of alcoholic beverages; parking on property in designated areas only, no parking on private property or blocking private drives. Renters need to be sensitive to limited parking at the facility and are encouraged to use parking on their private property as an alternative. Rental does not include the tool shed.