Survey Results for Proposed Cape Meares Directory


An online survey was posted on August 26 that contained questions regarding both the interest and the need for a directory of Cape Meares residents.  This directory would be made available for both the residents who live in the community on a permanent basis as well as those who own property here and visit their local residence occasionally during the year. It would only be available as an electronic file.The survey was closed on Sunday, August 31 after being viewed by 61 residents.  The results were shared with the members of the CMCA Board on Monday, September 1, and are being released for review at this time to the community.

You may click on either link below to access to the online version of the report or the PDF version.

The following summary of the results was prepared for the CMCA Board members.There is very strong support for having a directory of residents.  The percentage indicating an interest in doing this was 93%.  There were only four residents of Cape Meares who believed we did not need a directory.

About 80% of the respondents thought that all of the information collected by Merilee Sommers over the past five years should be shared, but there were eight, or 15% , who strongly disagreed with this.  Those that disagreed thought  phone number(s), or e-mail address(es) or multiple mailing addresses should not be shared.

For another question about two-thirds of the respondents disagreed that only name, address and phone number should be shared.  More than a few considered it to be important to share e-mail and also have multiple addresses listed.  The latter was especially true for those individuals who indicated they were not full-time residents.

What came through loud and clear from resident comments was that 89% wanted to review their contact information before it was released.  If we have a directory this needs to be done.

Also clear is that some residents may not wish to have any contact information listed in a directory. The Board will respect those wishes and their e-mail addresses will be removed from future MailChimp messages that are sent to community residents and not included in a directory.

Responses to the last question was consistent with the first question on the survey.  Residents were asked if they wanted a copy of the directory if and when it was prepared.  The percentage who wanted a copy was 93%.

Finding a suitable way for residents to review information they are willing to share will be a challenge because there are approximately 200 residences in Cape Meares.

Feedback will be sought from residents regarding possible ideas for how it might be possible for residents to review directory information before it is posted.  In the next few days information will be sent to you regarding an experiment that will be conducted for having a Forum available on the Cape Meares website where residents will be able to post their ideas.  Interested residents will need to create an account with a login and password to do this so it will not be possible for anyone to submit anonymous comments.  Look for further information regarding this idea very soon.