Spring Clean-up at Community Center

Pictured above are a few of the residents from Cape Meares who accepted the invitation from Mike and Patti Smith to join them for the Annual Spring Clean-up of the Cape Meares Community Center.

The scheduled start was 10 AM on Saturday, April 8, and that was the same time a surprise hail storm arrived that dumped enough ice pellets on the ground to make the conditions slippery and white everywhere.

Our property is looking great.  Thanks to the following 17 residents who pitched in and helped.  Arla Ayres, Brad Ayers, Andy Ayres, Kathy Burke, BJ Byron, Deborah Neal, Dave Freitas, Ruth Freitas, Marjorie Hirsch, Olli Ollikainen, Jenny Stanley, Charles Ansorge, Wendy Kunkel, Dave Audet, Anita Johanson and our most helpful building managers, Patti and Mike Smith.