Questionnaire Regarding Proposed Resort on Bayocean Spit


A survey has been prepared  to gather feedback regarding the proposed eco-resort to be built on the Bayocean spit.  There are 25 items to answer.  It should be possible to complete the survey in about 10-12 minutes.  After you have answered all of the questions be sure to click the submit button located at the bottom.

Click on the link below to access the online survey.

Proposed Eco-Resort on Bayocean Spit

Deadline for completing this survey is October 31.  Early submission of the survey is encouraged.

Public comments regarding the Conditional Use Permit that is required for building the eco-resort are scheduled for November 13, beginning at 7 PM.  Anyone who is interested in this proposed land use should plan on attending even if you are not planning to offer public testimony.

There are additional ways for individuals to comment beyond the November 13 Public Hearing before the Tillamook County Planning Commission. Look for these suggestions in a future post.

Posted by Charles J. Ansorge