Progress Report for Siding of Community Center


Pictured above is the work crew for day three of the residing project for the Cape Meares Community Center.  Randy Klobas who is heading this phase of the work had Olli Ollikainen and Pete Steen helping him attach shingles to the new addition and Scott Gordon invited along several of his colleagues from Dealers Supply Company to assist with the the siding effort.  As a side note, Dealers Supply Company is where siding supplies and the shingles were obtained.  Scott helped us obtain the high quality shingles at a special reduced price.  Thank you,  Scott.

The crew is making good progress on the residing and the appearance of the building is changing daily.  Periodically pictures will be posted on the CMCA website to show the progress.

If you are inclined to provide sandwiches to the crew of workers on a Tuesday or a Thursday in the next several weeks I am certain this would be greatly appreciated by the volunteer workers.  The crews are intentionally being kept small so sharing 4-5 sandwiches plus some chips would be sufficient.  As a heads up, Olli will be assisting next week and would prefer, if possible, a gluten free sandwich.  Contact Charles Ansorge <> if you wish to share food on some Tuesday or Thursday later this month so a day can be arranged for the lunch.