Help Your Local Firemen

firemen - 1

We have invited our volunteer firefighters to bring their newest truck, Rescue 49, from the Tillamook Fire Department and have it on display during the Labor Day BBQ. You will be able to see all of the cool rescue and medical gear on board.

We pay taxes to fund the fire district; these pay the four full-time employees plus basics such as fire and rescue trucks. But the extra equipment like hydraulic tools and medical hardware such as our AutoPulse machine for CPR is funded through the Tillamook Volunteer Association (TVA). That equipment is used to respond to accidents, rescues, and medical issues throughout the fire district, Cape Meares included.

Each year TVA has a fund drive in the spring. This year the total was several thousand less than in the past. In the past, solicitation letters were sent to all property owners in the district; this year they were sent to all addresses in the district. As a consequence it is likely Cape Meares part-timers did not receive the solicitation letter.

Literature will be available on Sunday that includes envelopes for donations. You can also donate online. Click on the link below to access the website.

The attached photo shows some of the equipment purchased with donations to the fire district.


I encourage all full-time and part-time residents of Cape Meares to generously support TVA. We are VERY fortunate to have our own local station and four of our citizens who have volunteered to be our firefighters and support personnel in case of a medical emergency. They are our heroes. Having a nearby station lowers our property insurance rates but more importantly gives us peace of mind knowing they are close by when needed.

Please stop by the fire truck to visit, say thank you to the firemen, and make a donation. Our local firemen are Randy Klobas, Ollie Ollikainen, Mike Smith, and Ken Moulis.

Your CMCA will be making a contribution to TVA to show our support. You are each asked to do the same.