Bayocean Spit Rezone Public Meeting


The Public Hearing to consider the rezoning of the Bayocean Spit to Recreation Natural (RN) has been scheduled for August 13, 7 PM, second floor of the Tillamook Courthouse.  As many residents and friends of the Spit as possible are urged to save this date and plan to attend.  Your presence at this hearing is VERY important even if you do not wish to offer any testimony.

On April 9, 2014 the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners (BOC) considered a request from CMCA to initiate  a process to rezone all properties on the Bayocean Spit from RM (Recreation Management) classification to RN (Recreation Natural).  The BOC voted to ask the Planning Commission to begin the process.  The August 13 Public Hearing is the first important step in the process.  If the Planning Commission approves the proposed zone change then another Public Meeting will follow with the BOC, probably in September or October.

Every resident is urged not only to attend but to reach out beyond this  community and ask friends who value the Spit and wish to see it thrive for generations to come also be in attendance.

We are especially interested in inviting hunters, anglers, hikers, joggers, bikers, horseback riders, and bird watchers who value the Bayocean Spit.   But all individuals who appreciate the Spit should come to the meeting.

This is the time to consider a rezoning proposal that would protect the values of the Spit, clarify public health and safety concerns, and protect this treasure for future generations.  A change in zoning to RN would be more consistent with the actual allowable uses of the Spit, highlighted by the recently denied “eco-resort” proposal, and would clarify that the Spit has very limited capacity for development.  There is no public road, and the Corps of Engineers has perpetual easements that have first priority for use.  There are health and safety concerns for development such as no sewer or sanitary treatment, there is no water as the Spit is outside of the Oceanside Water District and virtually the entire Spit is in the tsunami zone, far from crisis response teams, and without adequate transportation options.

The excellent attendance at the April workshop meeting was definitely instrumental in the commissioners asking the Planning Department to start the process.

In the weeks ahead further information will be shared with residents regarding this important hearing. We recognize that summer is not the best time to attend a Planning Committee Public Hearing, but this is an important investment for preserving the Spit as a valuable resource for many generations to come.

Posted by Charles J. Ansorge