Emergency Preparedness Matters


Pete Steen is one of the Map Your Neighborhood Captains for Cape Meares. For the past couple of years he has asked interested members of the Seaview neighborhood that he patrols to write an imaginary scenario of what might have happened to them if the earthquake had indeed arrived at 10:20 AM on October 20, the day set aside as the Great Oregon Shake-Out day. This year (2016) he did not ask his neighbors to do this but he did write a scenario himself. Click on the link below to view a PDF of his scenario. 

Cape Meares residents are serious about emergency preparedness.  This is just one example to illustrate efforts to promote this ongoing effort.  


Boil Water Advisory Lifted

Alan Tuckey, water master for the Oceanside Water District, received word from the Oregon State Health Authority on Thursday, October 6, that water being supplied to the Cape Meares community since the major water breach on October 1 is safe to drink.

Water Emergency in Cape Meares


At approximately noon. on Saturday, October 1, reports were received of low or no water pressure from Cape Meares community residents.  The Oceanside Water District was contacted and discovered that the water reservoir for the community was empty.

Efforts are underway to locate and repair the breach that emptied the tank.

There is a “boil water” advisory that will remain in place until the break is located and repaired and the boil advisory is rescinded.

Attempts have been made to supply emergency drinking water to residents unable to drive to Tillamook to purchase their own.  If you are planning on visiting the Cape Meares community, be aware of the water issue and please bring your own!

Emergency drinking water is available to community residents at the local Cape Meares Community Center.  Contact the OWD if you are unable to obtain supplies for your personal use.