Nextdoor Progress Report


So far the campaign  to encourage Cape Meares full-time and part-time residents to sign up for Nextdoor is going well.  On Tuesday evening Merilee Sommers invited 140 people from Cape Meares  to join with the idea that Nextdoor might serve as a directory for residents and make it easy to learn who your neighbors are and how you might contact them when the need arises.  The tally of those who have joined reached 56 after only two days.  This represents about a 40% response rate.  We hope the number of residents who will be using this resource will continue to grow in the coming days.

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Demolition of Old Cape Meares Water Tank


The demolition of the Cape Meares 100,000 gallon, Cor-Ten reservoir began on Monday, 9/23/14, when the crew  moved in to the location of the tank and, by the end of the day,  completely removed the steel top of the reservoir.  On Tuesday, 9/24/14, the sides of the reservoir came down in sheets 6 feet wide by 12 foot in length.  By the end of the day the tank demolition project was one-third complete.  With all the oxy/acetylene torch cutting going on, the damp weather has been beneficial in creating a safe environment for the project.

Saturday Potluck


Yes,  it’s raining, and rumor has it some of us are leaving town for warmer climates.  However, you stalwart stay-at-homes now have a shot at filling up your plates at Saturday’s  Potluck (10/27/14).  Special Hosts this weekend  are B.J. and Chris, and they have taken the Equinox seriously.  You have an equal opportunity to bring whatever dish most pleases you, and we all will be equally pleased to eat it.

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Breaking News


The Cape Meares Community Association Board is pleased to announce news from IRS.

The Cape Meares Community Association is officially recognized as a Non-Profit Organization with a 501(c)(3) standing.   This designation provides those who donate monetary gifts, legacies, land and equipment to CMCA with the opportunity to deduct the value from their income tax*.  It allows CMCA to apply for grants,  and provides a way to function within the law, and enables the organization to meet its obligations to the county, to qualify for insurance, and to seek assistance in a broader variety of ways, should the need arise.

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Community Forums Added to Cape Meares Website


The CMCA Board is interested in receiving feedback from Cape Meares residents regarding issues related to the community.  We have already been doing this in a number of ways.  We have informal conversations with  community residents about the work of the Board.  Quarterly public meetings are scheduled and open to residents to attend and offer input.  The Board has also posted online surveys seeking information before actions are taken.

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