Labor Day Potluck News


1:00 PM Sunday August 31st
At The Newly Shingled Community Center

There will be a brief awards ceremony
for outstanding contributions
to the community
followed by

Barbecue/Bountiful Dishes/Bubbly Beverages

And Entertainment Featuring
Betty and Steve Moss

(for whom we will pass the proverbial hat)


Potter, Carole Friedman w/ Pots 4 Sale

Bring a dish to share, some coin to spare
and kick back with another great party.
A special dessert will be provided
so lean toward sides or pasta if in doubt.

It’s a Wrap


At about 4:30 PM on Wednesday, August 6, the re-siding project of our beloved Cape Meares Community Center was completed.  Mostly.  Only a few odds and ends remain to completely wrap up the project that began about two years ago with a fund-raising effort.

This renovation was achieved because of the volunteer efforts of many individuals.  The dollars contributed were significant and necessary for purchasing the materials needed, but the volunteer efforts were equally important.  The effort was primarily “do it yourself.” DIY projects don’t always turn our as we would like, but if you take a look at the finished project you will have to agree that it looks like it was completed by professionals.  That’s because two professionals, Chris Spence and Randy Klobas, were the ones who guided the volunteers throughout the process.

We now have a refurbished community center we can all be proud of and one that will continue to be an important hub of activities for many years to come.

Well done Cape Meares residents!

For more pictures of the community project and a picture of Randy Klobas attaching the proverbial “golden staple” into the final shingle on the community center see the album that has completed below.

Culvert Repair Planned


Bob Garrigues, local Cape Meares resident and member of the Tillamook County Road Advisory Committee, forwarded information that may be of interest regarding our exit route to Tillamook.

In a meeting of the committee today, August 4, there was discussion regarding a new sleeve that will be added to the culvert under the dike road out of Cape Meares Lake.

The work is scheduled to be begin on Wednesday, August 13.  Crews will be onsite and heavy equipment will be involved.  Expect delays in the work area on this date.  No word on how much time will be required for the repair.

CMCA Quarterly Meeting Agenda



Cape Meares Community Association
Cape Meares Community Center
5960 4th St. NW
  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Announcements
  3. Approval of Meeting Minutes (May 10, 2014–Draft minutes found
  4. Financial Report (Anita Johanson)
  5. Building Report
  6. Social Chair Report (Deborah Neal)
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
  9. Date of Next Cape Meares Community Association Meeting
  10. Adjournment
Please plan to attend the quarterly
CMCA meeting on August 9!

Location Change for Oceanside Neighborhood Association Meeting

The Oceanside Neighborhood Association meeting at 10 a.m. Saturday, August 2, 2014, will be held  in the Oceanside Chapel, 1575 Chinook Avenue instead of the community building.  All residents of Cape Meares are invited to attend this meeting.

Click on the link below for directions to the chapel.,+Tillamook,+OR+97141/@45.4602893,-123.9674907,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x54eb2edd3ae2ba0d:0xa44a823aa4b86b90