Cape Meares Community

Cape Meares Community Association (CMCA)

Serves as a catalyst to promote social interaction and exchange of ideas around common educational interests, environmental stewardship, historical preservation, and community well-being.
CMCA Funding Appeal 2021

The CMCA is a 501(c)(3) association.  Contributions in support of the  association may be sent in care of CMCA to 5690 Fourth St. NW, Tillamook, OR  97141.  Tax ID number for CMCA is 46-5361645.


Contributions by check payable to:  
Cape Meares Community Association
Barbara Bennett Community Center
5690 4th St NW
Tillamook, OR 97141
We also welcome contributions by credit card:

CMCA Board of Directors

Wendy Burroughs, President
John Harland, Secretary
Sean S. Kohles PhD, Treasurer
Randy Klobas
Thomas Francis
Anita Johanson
Mike and Patti Smith, Barbara Bennett Community Center Managers

The Cape Meares Community Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It shall exist in perpetuity for the benefit of the public. The specific purposes of this corporation are:

  • To actively support community projects of an educational, scientific, charitable or historic nature undertaken for the public benefit.
  • To promote ecologically sound stewardship of the community’s natural resources.
  • To create a forum and a voice for the community with which to stay in communication with the local government, particularly in land management, emergency services, homeland security, and in communication with the greater Oregon community in order to share ideas, facilitate coordination, and encourage cooperation to better secure the health and safety of the general public. 
  • To provide a cohesive center within the community where traditions may be honored, and individuals may be brought together with neighbors to build and identify supportive community bonds.

The CMCA uses the social media app Nextdoor to communicate neighbor-to-neighbor and to advertise CMCA event and meeting schedules.  To use this tool it is necessary that you either be a permanent resident or part-time resident of Cape Meares.  You will find information here:  Nextdoor .   Here is the link for the Nextdoor app: 

Are you interested in the latest weather for Cape Meares?  There’s a station just at the top of our community that has instant weather information. Cape Meares Weather

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