HAM Radio Field Day in Cape Meares

Several amateur radio operators (Hams) live in Cape Meares and might someday be responsible for communicating with the outside world about our condition following a disaster.Each year Hams all around the United States participate in a Field Day Drill during which they practice disaster-related communication skills under less than ideal conditions.

This year the Drill will start at noon Saturday June 28, run all night (if we can stay awake), and end at noon Sunday June 29.  For the first time, the Tillamook Emergency Amateur Radio Service (TEARS) portion of the Drill will be held in Cape Meares at the home of Robert Yolton (5910 4thStreet).

If you are a Ham, want to become one, or are just interested in what
Hams can do for Cape Meares, please come by – there will be free cookies!  Come early, sit around the fire with us late at night, and see what Hams can do.

For example, we can send free telegram-like messages for you to any person in the US if you just have the name, address, zip code and phone number.

One of the Tillamook emergency communication vans will be available for tour Saturday afternoon, representatives of Tillamook County Search and Rescue will also be available on Saturday, and there will be a demonstration of all-hazards weather alert radios on Saturday and Sunday.

Please drop in for a visit.  We will have a grill and warming fire going; please bring your own food, picnic supplies, and lawn chairs.  If you are a ham, bring your hand-held radio and get on the air with us.