You Gotta Have Art!


No Talent, Expertise, Experience Required
Saturday, September 20, 2014, 12-3 PM
Cape Meares Schoolhouse

“You Gotta Have Art” is the first of our Human Interest
Workshops For You. This will be a series of one-off
events sponsored by CMCA for anyone who wishes to
attend (not just members). The purpose is to give
you a chance to try new things without committing to
ever doing it again. Materials will be provided by CMCA
artists, though you are encouraged to bring your own.

Breanna Moran, local artist and high school art teacher,
from the Bay City Arts Center, 5680 A Street,
will be at the schoolhouse in Cape Meares to teach 

Water Color Painting 

Each participant is asked to register ahead of time ( to make sure we have enough people to cover a reasonable honorarium for Ms. Moran’s time.  The fee for the class is  $15.00 per person, payable to Brianna Moran at the time of the class.  Class may be  postponed or cancelled if too few people sign up by 9/17.  If you sign up and then change your plans, you may cancel any time before 9/17.  After that, we will  hope that you drop off a check in the new CMCA mailbox to cover your space, or better yet,  draft  a substitute.  Please let us know if the date and time preclude you from coming but you are interested in an art class.