You Can Help Preserve the Bayocean Spit for Years to Come


No, this is not a request for a donation.   Instead it’s an appeal for you to attend a workshop meeting of the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners (BOC). 

When:   Thursday, April 9, 2015, 3-5 PM
Where:  Tillamook County Court House,
Conference Room B

The BOC will be considering a request to rezone all properties on the Bayocean Spit that have a RM (Recreation Management) classification to RN (Recreation Normal).

A change in zoning to RN would clarify that the Spit is no place for development.  There is no public road, and the Corps of Engineers has perpetual easements which have first priority for use.  There is no sewer/sanitary, nor possibility of any such, as the soil is sand.  There is no water, and the Spit is outside of the Oceanside Water District.  Nearly the entire Spit is in the tsunami zone, far from crisis response teams, and without adequate transportation options.

This is the time to consider a rezoning proposal that would protect the values of the Spit, clarify public health and safety concerns, and keep this treasure for future generations.  Efforts have been underway to consider a rezoning proposal since the Tillamook County Planning Commission denied a proposal from Bay Ocean LLC to construct an eco-resort on a 53 acre parcel near the second gate on the Spit.

The BOC needs to know there is strong interest and concern for making a change in the zoning.  The best way to show interest is to attend the workshop.  Testify only if you feel comfortable.  Occupy the seat and show that you are a concerned citizen and care about the Bayocean Spit as a historical and ecological treasure in Tillamook County.

In addition to attending, spread the word around about attending the meeting to any birders you know who visit the Spit, anyone who exercises horses on the Spit, hunts there, hikes, jogs, or bikes along the trails.  We want to fill up Conference Room B for the workshop. If BOC agrees this is important, they will vote to ask the Planning Department to start the rezone process — and the Spit will need all our support in those hearings as well, probably a couple of months from now. Stay tuned as this process to protect the Spit unfolds! Together we can ensure the Spit is protected, if we let Tillamook County officials know how important this is.

This is a “Big Ask.”  It’s rare that an opportunity like this comes along.  If you believe the Bayocean Spit is a special resource, can we count on you to join us on April 9 from 3-5 PM at the Tillamook County Court House?

Thank you for considering joining this effort to further protect the Spit.

Posted by  Charles J. Ansorge