Wilderness First Aid Class


The Wilderness First Aid workshop was given by Harold Crawford in Cape Meares 3 years ago. Mr. Crawford is a Certified Wilderness First Aid Instructor (along with many other certificates) and did an excellent job with the class. This class has great relevance to residents who live along the coast.

Certification cards are expiring in March for those residents who completed the class three years ago. Bob Yolton contacted several groups to see if they would like to sponsor a new class. There was some interest but no one stepped up to be the sponsor.

However, according to Bob Yolton, there is an immediate “sure thing” opportunity for taking the class. Mr. Crawford is teaching a class in Beaverton March 8 and 15 for 8 hours per day (it is a very through 16 hour course). The fee is $100 plus the price of a book (if you have a book from the previous class you can use it). There are up to 13 openings for the class.

Carpooling to Beaverton would seem to be a possibility and taking the class in Beaverton saves having to pay Mr. Crawford for transportation and lodging that would be associated with a coastal class.

Interested? Contact Mr. Howard directly at haroldcrawford@comcast.net.

Posted by Charles J. Ansorge