Water Main Break



David Nordman, the Oceanside Water District operator, was notified last night that the old reservoir was only at three feet and the higher elevation homes in Cape Meares had no water. David went out investigating and found a large leak on the corner of 12th and Bayocean road.

The break is located in the non-compacted ditch line and appears to be damaged by an automobile running over it. Due to the amount of flow and its location David believes it is the  2″main that will be removed with the connection of the new transmission line.

The only way to determine for certain what is broken there is to shut the water off in this region.   There are shut-off valve on the south end of 9th and the north end of eighth. Closing these two valves will effectively shut down the entire NE corner of town.

David is planning on shutting down the water to the northeast region of Cape Meares beginning at 8 AM today, Friday, July 11. At this time it is uncertain how long the water will be turned off.  It is also uncertain whether other regions of the community may also be without water.  This depends upon how much water has been drained from our old reservoir.

The community will be updated regarding the water situation when more information is available.