Water Color Painting Class Review


Local Cape Meares art critic, Itza Knockov, submitted the review found below for the water color painting class that was held at our Community Center on September 20.

Saturday’s Art Class was enjoyed by 12 Cape Meares  artists (including the Bay City Art Center teacher, Breanna Moran, who’s been adopted by the 18% spontaneous quorum).

Participants learned what to do about waves, (count on us now to accurately portray The Big One),  how to use salt without having to eat it, and yet another wonderful experiment requiring alcohol, though we had to wait to get home to try it. During a break, while our paper dried out a bit, we ate the still-life bowl of voluptuous aurora colored peaches, sampled Carole Friedman’s  dusky purple plums, drank organic pale green sun tea steeped all morning in contrasting sprigs of emerald mint, and Russian Kafcadia , a startling summer deep red almost frightening colored tea infused from a bark, a tea, when accidentally spilled (when one of us who shall be mercifully nameless tripped over a misplaced hazard) stained everything in sight, improving the color of the  schoolhouse floor where it was most needed.  Hysterical preservation at its best.  During that same incident, sapphire blue jello, which had been forgotten in the fridge due to the excitement of the last potluck celebrating water tanks, flew from Jane’s plate into the just-baked still warm sugar cookies, adding bright turquoise contrast to the ivory of the cookies, and the black and white of melted chocolate (remember the left over Smores?) and fluffy white frosting which would have been on the cake. Remember the tank cake?  If you don’t, help yourself to the leftover pieces in the freezer when you come to the next potluck this coming Saturday.  (No, they haven’t improved.)  (Yes, we have improved!)