Update on SOS Committee Work


A group of dedicated Cape Meares residents has been working diligently since early October to prepare a response to the proposed eco-resort on the Bayocean Spit.   A document containing approximately 150 pages was handed over to Sarah Absher on November 4th so it could be reviewed by the Planning Commission before the hearing on November 13, 2014.

Be advised that this effort of researching the Conditional Use Proposal and preparing the report was a significant one.  The estimate for the total number of hours focused on this work by the five committee members was around 200, but it might have been much more than this.  Routinely members of the committee worked all hours of the day, and night.  It was not unusual to see email messages with attachments being sent by one of the work group members to all others  with a time stamp of 3 AM on the message.  Printers have been kept busy printing drafts of messages and many ink cartridges for printers have been emptied  the past few weeks.

All of the members of the SOS Committee are passionate about preserving the Bayocean Spit as it currently is.

The group of interested residents from Cape Meares has been effectively led by long-time Cape Meares resident, John Harland.  Thus far, other members of this group have not identified, but should be so they can be recognized for the herculean effort to protect the Spit.  These individuals are Anita Johanson, Deborah Thomas Neal, Merilee Sommers, and Charles J. Ansorge. Others from the community have also attended a few of the weekly meetings and have contributed documents to assist the research effort.  Everyone who has been involved in the effort thus far should be thanked for their contribution.  It’s been a group effort.

The committee has also been significantly aided by personnel associated with the Oregon Coast Alliance (ORCA) and especially Cameron LaFollette.  ORCA’s mission is to protect the Oregon coast by working with coastal residents for sustainable communities.  They are passionate about their mission and deserve our support for what they have done thus far to aid us.  Below is a link to information that ORCA has published on their website regarding the proposed eco-resort.


The work of the SOS group continues with our next effort being to focus on encouraging as many people as possible to attend the Public Hearing of the Tillamook County Planning Commission.  Even if you are not planning to speak attendance is strongly encouraged at this meeting which is scheduled to begin at 7 PM at the Tillamook County Courthouse (second floor).  A large turnout will communicate to the Planning Commission members the importance of the proposed land use for the Spit.  And bring along a friend to the evening hearing.

The SOS group would also like to encourage you to write a letter to the Planning Commission if you are opposed to building a resort on the Spit.  Make it substantive! We suggest you say more than just mentioning the eco-resort is  not a good idea:  describe how it would change the way you may use the Spit.  Letters may be sent up to and including the date of the hearing, November 13.  Send letters to the address below.

CU-14-06 Bayocean Resort
Tillamook County Planning Commission
%Tillamook County Department of Community Development
1510-B Third St.
Tillamook, OR 97141

Or send your comments via email to Sarah Absher, Senior Planner at the Planning Department:  sabsher@co.tillamook.or.us

And while you are writing a letter to the Planning Department send a copy to the local Headlight-Herald.  You can send the copy to the e-mail address below.


If you are inclined to testify at the Public Hearing on November 13, a meeting has been scheduled at noon on Saturday, November 8, at the Cape Meares schoolhouse.  Suggestions will be offered for possible topics to be addressed in the 3-minute testimony that will be possible at the hearing.  Come to the general CMCA meeting at 10 AM on that same day and at the same location if you would like to hear a report of the activities of the SOS Committee.

Finally, every good social cause has an anthem or ballad associated with it.  Such is true for this cause.  One of the SOS Committee members has written a splendid Ballad about Bayocean Spit that can be sung to a Woody Guthrie tune.  Have a look.

The Ballad of Bayocean Spit

Posted by Charles J. Ansorge