September Potluck


Hello Cape Meares- Please come to the September Potluck this coming Saturday, the 26th, and bring a dish for 8 people. We will have our long awaited Open Mic- over dessert. For those who don’t get out much, an Open Mic (microphone) provides everyone with an opportunity to get up and tell a story or a joke, or sing a song, or read a poem, or play an instrument, or hold up a drawing. It also provides your neighbors with a chance to get to know you in perhaps a way they haven’t known you before.

Everyone will be encouraged to divulge one fact about yourself that nobody knows, or better yet,three facts about yourself, only one of which is true, and let us guess which one it is. It’s a chance to tell the neighborhood what you think about a topic of your choice- maybe religion or politics or your summer vacation.

We ask you to keep it under 5 minutes, but it can be as brief as 5 seconds. Everyone who participates will receive a free ticket to the Halloween Party, seconds on dessert, and a chance to select a secret grab bag prize donated by your Social Committee of One. (additional positions on the social committee are always available.) Fishermen will not be held to a truthstandard, and any Firemen who wish to talk about their trucks will speak last. Anyone who does not attend the potluck is fair game as the subject of a story. If you wish to show slides or give a power point presentation you may do so after the firemen finish talking about their truck as long as you help with the dishes. Be there or your ears might burn!