Prepare Out Load


Learn the facts. Take action. Talk about it.

Together we can rise to the challenge
of a Cascadia Earthquake.

Prepare Out Loud
Friday September 30th
1pm to 3pm

Pine Grove
(225 Laneda Avenue Manzanita)

The American Red Cross Cascades Region is helping our community be prepared for disasters such as a 9.0 Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake by holding the Prepare Out Loud community preparedness forum. Attendees will experience a unique and interactive presentation where they will learn:

  •  the science and history of the Cascadia Subduction Zone,
  • how humans behave during disasters,
  • what to expect during a Cascadia earthquake,
  • how to quickly locate your loved ones following a disaster, and
  • how much food, water and other supplies you will need to take care of yourself and others.

Tillamook County Commissioner Mark Labart’s comments:   “It’s called Prepare Out Loud and I understand it is a very informative presentation on how to prepare yourself and your business for an earthquake and subsequent Tsunami.  I ‘m told by experts at OSU that we have about a 33% chance of a 9.0 earthquake in the next 50 yrs.  Not good odds if you ask me so we need to prepare ourselves, our families and our businesses for what may or may not happen.  No cost.  Just show up.”

Following Prepare Out Loud, attendees will understand the central role their actions and voices play in building a culture of preparedness and resilience.

This is also a great opportunity to sign up as a Red Cross Volunteer!

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