Results from a recent survey completed by approximately 60 Cape Meares residents indicated that over 90% thought there should be a directory available of residents who either live in Cape Meares or own property in the community.

Respondents to the survey also communicated “loud and clear” an interest in viewing any information to be posted in the directory before it was made available.

Since reviewing the feedback from residents, efforts have been made to determine if there were any tools available that would address the two main concerns.  The Board now believes a means exists for us to create the much desired directory.  The tool that was found might also be used in numerous other ways that will be explained in the future.

Board members also wanted to make certain that any directory would be private with no release of information beyond Cape Meares residents.  That meant it could not be a digital file that could be easily forwarded to anyone.

We also wanted a tool that would shift to residents the responsibility of the information to be shared.  Individual residents would decide what information, if any, to post.  The maximum information to be shared would be name, address, telephone, and e-mail.  Optional additional information to share includes a listing of hobbies, interests, etc.  The minimum information to share is either none or just a name and local Cape Meares address.

The tool that the Board wishes to introduce is called Nextdoor.  It’s a recent web application that was created by a team of developers in San Francisco in 2012.  It’s free.  It’s become very popular especially along the West Coast.  It’s easy to use.  It provides a map of the community that shows the location of all of the residences.

You must be invited to become part of the Cape Meares neighborhood.  Residents will be required to use their real name and must enter a local Cape Meares address when registering.  Part-timers to Cape Meares can’t enter a Portland or Forest Grove, or Vancouver address.  Instead, a valid address in Cape Meares is required.

All members of the CMCA Board have been testing Nextdoor for about  a week and we think it offers an excellent way for a directory to be created.  Therefore our plan is to launch it very soon.

There will be a personal invitation sent to all of the e-mail addresses that have been collected for MailChimp.  The invitation is intended for individuals and not households.  Spouses or partners or co-owners may also register for a local Cape Meares address.  There will be a need once the invitation is sent to create an account on a website.  This account will include a username and password that residents should save for future reference.  Initially residents will only be sharing their name and address.  After the first wave of neighbors are added further information will be provided to residents regarding how additional information may be made available.

The directory will be only as good as the response from the community.  If you wish to get to know your neighbors, the Board believes this will be an excellent tool to accomplish this.

Remember, the information is private and YOU decide what information to share.

Look for an invitation to join Nextdoor soon.