New Website for Oceanside Water District


The Oceanside Water District is pleased to announce the availability of a website for all residents who receive their water services from the District.

Should there ever be an emergency involving water-related services, there is a section on the website where telephone numbers are available to call for assistance.

Also found on the website is information regarding various options that are now available for paying your water bill.  Yes, it’s now possible to pay via your credit card if you so choose.

In the News section of the site will be posted agendas for future meetings of the Board of Water Commissioners.

As a point of information, all meetings of the Board of Commissioners are public.  Beginning this month, September, meetings will be scheduled the third Tuesday beginning at 1 PM and will alternate between the Cape Meares Community Center and the Oceanside Community Club.  The September meeting will be held in Cape Meares.

The Cape Meares community now has a new water tank to replace the one that had been failing for the past couple of years.  Further improvements in our system are planned for later this year when a pumping station will be installed south of Pacific on 5th Street.  This pumping station will serve residents living in higher elevations in the community.  In future years additional water pipes will be added to the system and a few more fire hydrants are also planned.

Finally, new water meters will  be installed in a year, or two, that will permit our water operators to drive down our streets and check the water usage of all residents.

Check the website for further updates on Water District News.