Conditional Use Application for Spit Development Deemed Complete


On September 8, 2014 residents of Cape Meares were informed of an application being submitted to the Tillamook County Planning Division for the development of an eco-resort on the Bayocean spit.The Planning Commission has deemed the Conditional Use application complete since it addressed all six of the criteria necessary for a permit.  A copy of the application has been posted on the Tillamook County website.  Click on the link found below to view it.

Finding the Conditional Use application to be complete does not mean that construction will begin soon on the eco-resort.  Rather the completion triggers a 150-day timeline for completing the application’s local review, and public hearings must begin soon to make sure this deadline is met.  Mr. Bernards, the developer of this proposed eco-resort, has the option of (a) going to the Planning Commission hearing with his current application or (b) signing a so-called “150-day waiver” to stop the timeline while he gathers more information.  At this time it is unknown what Mr. Bernard’s plans will be.It is possible that public hearings before the Tillamook County Planning Commission will be scheduled as early as November 13.  Once the date has been determined this information will be shared with Cape Meares residents.

For those of you who have joined Nextdoor it is possible for you to share thoughts you have about the development on the spit with the 85 residents that have signed up so far and joined the Cape Meares “neighborhood.”  Start a topic related to the development or react to something someone else has posted.

Merilee Sommers has created a group on Nextdoor called S.O.S. (Save Our Spit).  If you wish to join this group to offer your thoughts related to the spit or read the comments made by others from Cape Meares, contact her or Charles Ansorge via Nextdoor and you will be added.  Once you have been invited you will find the group on the left side of the Nextdoor home screen.  See the screen shot shown below.

Posted by Charles J. Ansorge