Conditional Use Application for Bayocean Development


Late last week, John Bernards’ land use consultant, University of Oregon professor Ric Stephens, filed a conditional use permit (CUP) application for a glamping eco-resort on the Bayocean Spit.
This is a heads up message to residents who live in Cape Meares and may be interested in knowing more about what is being proposed for the Spit and what the process is for approving any plan.

First, the Planning Division of Tillamook County must determine the completeness of the application that was submitted.  If they find the application to be complete then the Planning Commission for Tillamook County will schedule  hearings at which time public comments will be heard.

There are many more possible steps before any proposal would be “shovel ready” for work to begin.  Only the early steps are mentioned here.

There has not yet been a declaration by the Planning Division regarding the completeness of the application process and it is unknown how long this might take.  Cape Meares residents will be kept informed regarding the public process that may be ongoing for weeks and perhaps months.

To refresh the memory of those who may not have had an opportunity to review the original concept for a Bayocean Park Resort, click on the link below and view a PDF that was shared earlier this year.  This is a big file with lots of pictures so if you have a slow connection to the internet it will take a while to download it to your computer for viewing.

A forum will be posted on the website in the next several days to give full- and part-time residents of Cape Meares the opportunity to express their opinions regarding the proposed development.