CMCA Meeting Notice

Community Meeting Announcement
On Saturday February 11, 2017, at 8:30 AM
The  CMCA Community Meeting

will convene in the Cape Meares Community Center
Temporary Time Change To Accommodate Conflicting Event of Local Import

For those only prepared to attend from 10:00-12:00
Certain Board Members Will Remain Through Noon
and anyone else interested in continued discussion of agenda items.

Thank you for your flexibility!


I. Approval of Minutes from last Community Meeting.

2. Treasurer’s Report- Anita

3. Social Director Emeritus’s Report- Deborah

4. Building Manager’s Report- Mike and Patti

5. Spit Committee Update- Charles and John

6. Emergency Prep Committee  Report –  Chris Spence and Mike Neal

         A. Current Available Funds (location,)(manner of access)

         B. Progress Report on next steps

         C.  Map Your Neighborhood-status report

         D. Future/upcoming projects

8.  Old Business

          A.  Calendar Approval and Additions

9. New Business

            A. New Board members- positions to fill by appointment

            B.  Liane Welch Visit  February 16th discussion and prep

Announcements/Requests for future community discussions from the floor

Any additional issues the community members would like the board to explore