CMCA Meeting Agenda for February 20

agendaTwo PDF documents are attached. The first is the proposed agenda for the CMCA Community Meeting to be held this Saturday, February 20, 10 AM, Community Center, and the second is the minutes for the November 14, 2015 meeting that will need to be approved.

One of the important items for discussion is the 106.5 acres of forrest land that was donated to CMCA several years ago. It’s essentially the slide area that is still steadily making its way to the Pacific in a slide area that Stimson Lumber must have understood would be difficult to harvest. How valuable is this property to CMCA? Stimson valued the land at approximately $75,000.

The Board hopes residents will consider attending the business meeting and enjoying a bit of conversation with neighbors, too.

022016 CMCA MEETING Agenda
CMCA101815 Minutes