CMCA Fundraiser


Earlier this month Cape Meares residents should have received a letter requesting a donation to support the ongoing activities of the Cape Meares Community Association (CMCA). CMCA has an annual budget of approximately $5,000 and this is our target for the current fundraising effort. Our treasurer, Anita Johanson, announced in the past few days that we are at the half-way point to reaching our goal.

Contributions to CMCA help pay for activities that support our mission of environmental stewardship and community well-being and include the July 4th picnic and parade, special Memorial Day and Labor Day potlucks, a Halloween Party, Christmas Holiday dinner, New Year’s Eve Celebration that includes a Silent Auction, plus supporting emergency preparedness activities and maintaining the community center which is the heart of our community

CMCA has had to step up on several occasions in 2015 on behalf of the community. These activities have been above and beyond what may be considered as normal business.

  • First, CMCA agreed to be the “bank” for the construction of the first of what we hope will be four storage facilities located in our community to contain emergency supplies in the event of an earthquake/tsunami. Our community received a grant from TPUD for the construction of our first storage facility. The grant stipulated the funds would not be available until the project was completed so CMCA fronted the money for this project. Chris Spence, one of the CMCA  Board members, delivered pictures of the just completed structure plus a copy of all invoices for materials to TPUD the week prior to Christmas to get reimbursement for the supplies purchased for the storage facility. Over 300 hours of volunteer labor was involved in building the first shed.
  • Second, in the past few weeks, residents of our community faced serious weather-related challenges. CMCA was there to act on behalf of the community when we needed assistance from a geologist because of the threat of flooding, debris flows, and landslides caused by the major storms we experienced. Decisions were needed about what to do and funds were required to hire a trained professional for advice. This was an emergency and rather than stand around hoping someone would come forward and supply the funds, CMCA Board members unanimously agreed to pay $1800 to hire a competent geologist and hydrologist to advise the community on the multiple problems we were facing. We’re working to reclaim the expenses as part of the disaster declaration for the county by our governor.

We have faced up to the challenges and showed just how resilient a community we are. The response of citizens of Cape Meares has been very impressive and indicates just how special Cape Meares is to all of us.

We hope each of you are pleased with the work of CMCA and will continue to be in support of our activities in 2016. Please help us reach our goal of $5,000 for this fundraiser. We plan to end this fundraising effort January 31.

CMCA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization; our Tax ID number is 46-5361645. Contributions to CMCA may qualify as tax deductible. Please send contributions to the address below.

Anita Johanson, Treasurer
6080 7th St. NW
Tillamook, OR 97141

If you have a PayPal account you may also donate this way via the website for Cape Meares.

We thank you for your contribution.