Cape Meares Road Relocation Project – Public Open House & Notice of Availability

Cape Meares Residents are  receiving this e-mail as part of ongoing project updates for the Cape Meares Road Relocation Project environmental review process.

Please see the attached Notice of Availability (NOA) that was published today, starting the 30-day public comment period for review of the Environmental Assessment. We have also updated the project’s overall schedule, see attached for the current schedule.

The NOA also advertises a Public Open House that you are invited to attend. The Open House will occur between 4 and 6 PM at the Tillamook County Library. Additional details are provided in the NOA.

You may view and/or download the Environmental Assessment (EA) and appendices at the Tillamook County’s website:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you.


Jennifer Chariarse  |  Environmental Specialist

Federal Highway Administration  |  Western Federal Lands Division

360-619-7621  |