Cape Meares Christmas Party


Cape Meares residents held their annual Christmas/Holiday Celebration on December 12 at Cape Meares Community Center.  Delicious food and lively conversation was available with much of the conversation related to earlier days of the week when the access road to Tillamook was cut off due to a washout  that occurred on December 9.

Before plates with food Chris Spence asked everyone to gather for a picture that he could share with Liane Welch, head of Public Works for Tillamook County.  She was the one that Chris had been in contact with to repair our broken access road.  That picture above is a salute to Public Works and what they did to complete the repair by 6:30 PM on December 12.  Much of the work was made difficult due to continued periods of precipitation and high winds during the days when the repair was underway.

After the meal those who attended participated in a “White Elephant” exchange of gifts.  A portfolio of pictures was assembled during the gift exchange.

The evening ended with Brad Ayers and his ukulele serenading guests singing  “Christmas Island.”  Click on the link to listen to the song.  Sorry this is a link from YouTube.  Not Brad singing.

Below are photos from the party.  Kudos to Deborah Neal, Social Chair, for decorating the Community Center.  Enjoy the pictures.