Assistance Requested


On March 16 of this year Mike Neal received news from Tillamook PUD’s Community Support Grant Program regarding the approval of a grant in the amount of $6,200 to build storage structures for emergency supplies for Cape Meares residents.  Mike Neal is involved with the group of residents in Cape Meares who have a special interest in emergency preparedness.

This group has planned to build and stock storage facilities at four tsunami assembly locations in Cape Meares that could be accessed following a major earthquake and tsunami event. The PUD grant will help to build two of the four structures, assuming we can use volunteer labor. We will engage in additional fund raising and grant money to complete the structures and to stock them with supplies and gear.

We need help to build the model storage unit so we can have it available for display for the July 4 holiday. Can you help Mike dig footings this week? Next Saturday and Sunday (June 27 and 28) we need 2 persons to help construct the unit. A few more volunteers will be required between the 28th and July 4th to paint the exterior and put up shelves on the interior.

The model storage facility will be built at the south end of 7th Street.  Chris Spence has agreed to manage the building of the facility and is the one that should be contacted if you are able to assist him and Mike Neal in the construction process.  You can call Chris (503-812-8971) or send email to him (

Emergency preparedness is an important topic for this community. The efforts of this interest group are greatly appreciated.  The efforts will be even more appreciated on the day when the emergency supplies are required.

Posted by  Charles J. Ansorge