All Aboard–The Train is Leaving the Station


The Tillamook County Board of Commissioners scheduled a workshop on Thursday, April 9, at which time they considered a request from the Cape Meares Community Association Board to change the zoning of the Bayocean Spit from RM (Recreation Management) to RN (Recreation Natural).  

There were approximately 50 individuals who attended the workshop and all except three of those attending supported the position of changing the zoning to RN.  Special thanks to all who attended the workshop.  The number in attendance was observed and duly noted by the commissioners and was a factor in their final decision.  

After about 90 minutes of listening to the testimony of individuals who were both in favor of the zone change and opposed to it, a motion was made by Commissioner Labhart, seconded by Commissioner Bartlein to ask the Tillamook County Planning Department to begin the process of changing the zoning to RN.  

Various individuals from Cape Meares provided testimony with John Harland being the key spokesperson and identifying several reasons for the request for a zone change.  

Change in zoning to RN would clarify that the Spit is no place for any development

  •  There is no public road, and the Corps has perpetual easements which have first priority for use.
  • There is no sewer/sanitary, nor possibility of any such, as the soil is sand.
  • There is no water, and the Spit is outside of Oceanside Water District.
  • The Spit is in the tsunami zone, far from crisis response teams, with inadequate transportation options.
  • RN zoning would protect the values of the Spit, clarify public health and safety concerns, and keep this treasure for future use.

Deborah Thomas Neal also provided testimony at the workshop and made copies of her remarks and gave them to the commissioners.  Click on the link below to view a PDF of her remarks.  

The “train has left the station” so to speak two previous times with an attempt to change the zoning.  Perhaps the third time will be the charm.  All aboard!

Residents or others who are in support of a zone change may be asked to testify or attend one or more meetings in the future when public comments will be received by the Planning Commission.  The process may take several months to complete and longer if a decision is made to change the zoning to RN and this decision is appealed to LUBA.  

For a more complete record of the workshop meeting click on the link below.