ALERT Hazards Bill (HB 2633) – Hearing/Testimony Needed


The Legislature is holding a hearing on a really important bill this THURSDAY — a bill to require the Dept. of Land Conservation and Development to implement Goal 7 (Natural Hazards). This is the only way local governments will take natural hazards into account when planning for the future. Attached is a 1000 Friends of Oregon flyer that summarizes the important points to make in testimony.

It is common on the coast: erosion, landslides, heavy storms, crumbling cliffs, suddenly changing rivers and bays. But local governments have been hamstrung in really grappling with these hazards because Goal 7 has never been implemented. The coast is one of the single most important parts of the state for hazards planning.

If you can come to the hearing, please do. If not, please write testimony — explain how natural hazards planning in your area of the coast would be helpful in protecting lives and property on the coast and statewide.

To attend the HB 2633 hearing:

HB 2633
House Committee on Rural Communities, Land Use and WaterThursday, February 12  1:00 PM
Hearing Room F

To submit email testimony on HB 2633 (by the morning of Thurs. Feb. 12)

Write to: “Chair Clem and members of the committee”

Send to: Ian Davidson, Committee Administrator,

Click on the link below for further information regarding HB 2633.  Thanks to Cameron LaFollette, Executive Director of the Oregon Coast Alliance for bringing this information to our attention.