Agenda for February 21 CMCA Quarterly Meeting


Residents of Cape Meares are invited to attend the quarterly meeting of the Cape Meares Community Association (CMCA) later this month.  An agenda for the meeting which will be held at our Community Center appears below.  

CMCA Community Meeting
Saturday, February 21, 2015
10:00 AM
Community Center, Cape Meares, OR


1.  Call Meeting to Order

2. Announcements Including New Residents and Others Who Have Moved from Cape Meares

3.  Approval of Agenda

4..  Approval of Minutes of November Meeting

5.   Treasurer’s Report (Anita Johanson)

6.  Social Chair Report (Deborah Neal)

7.  Building and Grounds Report (Mike and Patti Smith)

8. On-going Business

—S.O.S. Report (John Harland)

9.  New Business

—PUD Grant Proposal (Mike Neal)
—Emergency Preparedness
—Wi-Fi for Cape Meares (Deborah Neal)
—Proposal for Future CMCA Symposia (Deborah Neal)

10.  Adjournment

Public CMCA meetings provide an opportunity for residents to offer their comments regarding past actions of your Board of Directors as well as to learn what are the plans for the upcoming months.  Your input is very important.

You have a Board composed of eight hard-working and talented members who have unselfishly donated many hours of their time in past weeks and spent nearly seven hours at a retreat this past month to make plans for 2015.

Our efforts have been guided by the Mission Statement that we agreed to last year when our official status was changed to 501(c)(3).  We are now an “official” tax exempt organization where our residents are able to make contributions and have those contributions be deductible from your income tax statement as long as you adhere to guidelines that have been adopted by IRS.

Mission Statement: “The Cape Meares Community Association serves as a catalyst to promote social interaction and exchange of ideas around common educational interests, environmental stewardship, historical preservation, and community well-being.”

We think there are items on the agenda for the meeting that will be of interest.  There are several items related to Emergency Preparedness” which is a topic that most certainly be important for all of us.  Plus we’ll learn follow-up information regarding the work of the S.O.S. group that was instrumental in defeating efforts to build an Eco Resort on the Bayocean Spit.

Please plan to spend a few hours with us addressing matters regarding a community that we all fondly admire.

Posted by  Charles J. Ansorge