A December to Remember


At the Sunday, January 31,  CMCA Board meeting a report that described the response of Cape Meares residents to the back-to-back winter storms was discussed.

The report was a chronicle of what happened day-by-day during a month when the total rainfall was 29 inches and when the community was faced with landslides, flooding, blocked culverts,
sinkholes, downed trees, a debris flow, and even a power outage. It was a month that local residents will remember for a while.

Because of serious threat to the safety of local residents and upon the advice of a number of emergency first responders, CMCA hired Geotechnical Engineering Services to come and inspect the areas where the greatest dangers existed. The report contains two reactions to visitations made to the areas of greatest concern including recommended actions to take.

This report may be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Winter (2015)