Public Meeting Regarding Loop Road Proposals

Tillamook County Public Works Director, Liane Welch, will be presenting several proposals regarding the Loop Road at the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners public meeting on June 24 beginning at 2 PM in the Commissioners Meeting Room B in Tillamook.  This is a meeting that should be of interest to Cape Meares residents.

Ms. Welch will also host a presentation at the Oceanside Community Center on August 2 at 10 AM.  Cape Meares residents are invited to attend this meeting to learn more about the proposed solutions to the closed Loop Road.

The Cape Meares Loop Road was closed in January 2013 after the road began to accelerate its slide to the Pacific Ocean.

Currently residents of Cape Meares are limited to only Bayocean Road as an evacuation route to Tillamook.

Final Version of CMCA Bylaws

Beginning in the fall of 2013 a sub-committee of members from the CMCA Executive Committee began work on the preparation of an application to the Internal Revenue  Service that would permit our association to be officially recognized by this agency.  Seeking official status was recommended by an attorney who met with the Executive Committee and who has worked with groups like ours in this region of Oregon.  The pursuit of this status had previously been approved by residents . The members of this sub-committee were  Deborah Neal, Charles Ansorge, and Chris Spence.

The sub-committee reported regularly to the Executive Committee regarding their progress and their recommendation that CMCA should prepare an application to achieve 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.  If this status was achieved it would permit residents of Cape Meares and others to make a donation to the association and receive tax benefits for doing so.

The sub-committee determined in the spring of 2014 that in order to make application for 501(c)(3) there was a need for the existing bylaws to be revised.  A proposed set of bylaws was presented to those attending the May 5, 2014 Annual CMCA meeting for discussion.

Deborah Neal provided an update on the progress the sub-committee had made and stated that bylaw changes were needed before it was possible to submit formal application materials.  The changes were to put CMCA  in compliance with IRS guidelines for 501 status.

Shortly following the Annual Meeting (May 20, 2014) residents of the community were given access to a PDF version of the proposed bylaw changes.  Anyone who asked for a paper copy of the proposed bylaws was asked to notify Deborah Thomas Neal.

Cape Meares residents were  asked to provide feedback to the CMCA Board regarding any concerns regarding the proposed bylaws and offer suggested changes.  The process involved and the dates set at the May meeting are outlined below.


A substantial number of suggestions were offered to improve the revised document, but there were no serious concerns expressed by residents regarding any of the proposed revisions.  Focus groups had been planned for the week of June 15-21, but because there of receiving only a minimal number of suggested changes and no serious objections from anyone,  the CMCA Board decided there was not a need to have a public forum to discuss the document.

On June 21 the final revised document was posted and residents were asked to vote by noon on Saturday,  June 28, whether they approved or did not approve of the bylaws.

On July 4, 2014,   the results of the voting were announced at the community picnic to the approximately 200 residents and guests who attended.  Of the 45 who chose to respond to the ballot there were only three who opposed the suggested bylaw changes;  approximately 93% supported it.

A PDF of the approved CMCA bylaws may be found by clicking on the link found below.


July 4 Festivities


An Important Message to Cape Meares Residents, Visitors,

Homeowners, Firefighters and Tuba Players………….

The 4th of July is Three Weeks Away

It’s time to get out your float!
The unsponsored Parade lines up at 10:45 at the corner of 4th and Pacific.
Where to stand?    Walkers to the south and pets in costume
 Bikers and Horses to the East
Motorized decorated vehicles to the West
Lawn Chairs  down along 4th to the North

Parade Start Time: 11:00    This Year’s Theme:     Water

Potluck Picnic at 1:00

Entertainment:   Betty and Steve Moss*  1:00 – 2:30
Art Show July 4th   1:00- 6:00 PM Indoors
Craft Show July 4th   1:00 – 6:00 PM  Garden Areas
Plant Sale  July 4th – 1:00 – 6:00 PM   Garden Areas
Poetry and Prose Reading Open Mic  –  4:00 PM
Presenters Bring Refreshments

Anyone who would like to participate in the Arts and Plant Activities listed above, please sign up by July 1st c/o  and tell us what you need so we can reserve space for you.

Any sales or monetary exchanges on site recommend a voluntary contribution to CMCA of 10% of the sale.  Pre- and Post-sales not on premises are excused from any expectation.  Participants are welcome to jump in on the 4th without notice but may have to create their own space along the street. Please show consideration for neighbors.

Anyone else who wishes to perform or present is welcome to contact Deborah Neal to make arrangements.

* Listen to Betty Moss sing, “I Got the World on a String.”

Bylaws Update


The CMCA Revised Bylaws Are Not Yet Carved in Stone………..

A reminder — we have found it necessary to revise the CMCA bylaws so that they coordinate with our application for 501(c)(3) status, while making sure the bylaws do not alter the traditional functions of our organization.  You can read a copy of the important changes made to this point, and there’s still time to comment and offer further suggestions.

New bylaw revisions are posted on  the Community Center exterior wall;  pens and paper are also available so you can leave comments.

Attached to this message (scroll to bottom) is a digital copy that contains changes that have been made thus far.  You may read this document online or download, print, mark up, and then send to one of the names of the sub-committee working on this project.  Sub-committee members appear below.

The adoption process of the bylaws from this point on includes sending a ballot via e-mail on June 21 for residents to register approval or disapproval of the bylaws. This act of voting is also your statement of interest in being a CMCA member. Your act of voting makes you a member regardless of whether you approve or disapprove of the proposed bylaw changes.  There are additional qualifications for membership that are outlined in the bylaws.  For those who don’t like reading small print, here’s a summary:

  • Previously you were automatically a CMCA member. Now we have to ask for your permission and identify you on a membership list that needs to be created for our organization.
  • Dues are $0.  Donations to the community organization are encouraged at your discretion.
  • You must live in Cape Meares or own at least 25% of a property in the community, or spend four consecutive months per year in Cape Meares in order to be a member and vote.

For the revised bylaws to be accepted, we need to receive more ballots for approval than against.

Your ballot must be submitted electronically by 12:00 Noon on June 28.

If you have questions re the proposed bylaw changes, contact any of the members of the sub-committee that are working on it in preparation of our 501(c)(3) non-profit submission later this summer.

Charles Ansorge,
Chris Spence,
Deborah Thomas Neal,

Celebration of Life – 6/15/2014


There will be a Celebration of Life in memory of James Bennett at the Cape Meares Community Center on June 15, 2014 from 1 to 5 PM.  James’ relatives and friends are invited to come and share memories and good food.  This is a potluck open house get-together.

Proposed Spit Development

Many in Cape Meares and throughout Oregon consider the Bayocean spit to be one of he unspoiled gems of the Oregon coast. We feel it is important that our residents be aware of actions that could threaten the wild nature of the spit.

By way of an alert from the Oregon Coast Alliance (ORCA), residents of Cape Meares learned that Mr. Dale Bernards of Canterbury Commercial LLC had purchased 53 acres of land on Bayocean Spit and that he is interested in submitting a land use application to Tillamook County within 30-60 days for an “eco-resort” on the land. He has a conceptual plan for Bayocean Park Resort, drawn up as a class project by students at Portland State University. Current zoning could, in theory, allow such development.

Mr. Bernards is the same person who unsuccessfully attempted to develop land on the Spit in 2008, but his efforts back then were rejected. In 2008 he began to farm his property by penning in several goats. He is now attempting a new strategy. Both strategies would result in the need for buildings, thus opening the door to more extensive development.

Mr. Bernards’ proposal was discussed at a workshop meeting of the Tillamook County Commissioners on Wednesday, April 2. An audio of this meeting can be heard on the county website shown below. A written transcription of the minutes is not yet available for review.

County Commissioners Meeting

Two Cape Meares residents (Chris Spence and Charles Ansorge) were able to attend the meeting of the Board of Commissioners mentioned above. We expressed our personal concerns about a development at that time and asked to be kept informed regarding any further actions. We did not attend as elected Executive Committee members of CMCA, but rather as citizens of Cape Meares. Below is a report of the meeting.

It is uncertain whether Mr. Bernards is serious about the pursuit of building this proposed resort or whether he would like to have the Tillamook Board of Commissioners either purchase the land he says he owns on the Spit or swap this land for other land that the county may offer. Back in 2008 the alleged value of the land that Mr. Bernards wanted to develop was $505,000, and the county pursued a grant to obtain one-half of that amount. The grant was denied. For this and other reasons, the 2008 proposal was withdrawn.

The older property valuations most likely overstates the true value. The Board of Commissioners has decided there are too many uncertainties (access, federal easement, tidelands, etc.) about how one would establish values for an acquisition/exchange. The permitting process itself can help to flesh out the true value, so the commissioners decided to wait to see “if the permit had legs” before initiating discussions concerning an acquisition.

During the meeting, Spence commented on the broad base of support for protecting the spit. He asked if now would be the time to consider the land status to a zone that would shut the door to any future attempts to develop. The commissioners present were open to that idea, but pointed out that resolution of the current proposal should come first.

The ball is now in the court of Mr. Bernards regarding what his next step will be. Should he decide to continue his efforts to construct the resort he will find it will be exceedingly difficult to do so. Cape Meares residents will be kept informed regarding any news related to this matter.