Map Your Neighborhood

The Map Your Neighborhood program is a disaster response program developed by State of Washington Emergency Services, and has been shared, free of charge, nation-wide. In a manageable emergency situation, we call 911 and the appropriate team, be it fire, police, medical or PUD responds to the emergency. In a disaster, those first responders will be overwhelmed, communication lines will be down, and we need to be prepared and trained to help ourselves. This program provides a framework to help us prepare. Living in Cape Meares, it is hard not to focus solely on the tsunami threat, but the MYN program will also prepare us for the yearly threat of isolation due to storms, roads closed by slides, and wind damage such as occurred in December 2007.

Cape Meares is a rural residential community consisting of approximately 200 homes, 62 of which are occupied full-time. The rest are 2nd homes, and/or vacation rentals. Much of the community is in the tsunami inundation zone. We identified six neighborhoods which, due to topographical realities, have unique tsunami escape route challenges. Each of these areas is divided from the adjoining area by a gully, wetland or other barrier running north to south, roughly parallel to the ocean.