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Cape Meares Road Relocation Project – Public Open House & Notice of Availability

Cape Meares Residents are  receiving this e-mail as part of ongoing project updates for the Cape Meares Road Relocation Project environmental review process.

Please see the attached Notice of Availability (NOA) that was published today, starting the 30-day public comment period for review of the Environmental Assessment. We have also updated the project’s overall schedule, see attached for the current schedule.

The NOA also advertises a Public Open House that you are invited to attend. The Open House will occur between 4 and 6 PM at the Tillamook County Library. Additional details are provided in the NOA.

You may view and/or download the Environmental Assessment (EA) and appendices at the Tillamook County’s website:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you.


Jennifer Chariarse  |  Environmental Specialist

Federal Highway Administration  |  Western Federal Lands Division

360-619-7621  |

Water Conservation Guidelines

On August 24, OWD watermaster Alan Tuckey posted signs in the Cape Meares community asking residents to conserve water usage.  Residents have been asking for clarification regarding guidelines for water use.

Greatest water usage is associated with pressure washing.  A pressure washer uses 8 gallons/minute with a half-day usage of 1000 or about 20% of the monthly allotment of water for a residence.
Please avoid watering lawns or washing cars or boats with an open garden hose.  Avoid filling swimming pools.  Other activities involving water usage ok with moderation.

Emergency Preparedness Group Plans Second Tsunami Storage Unit

Using funds from the 2016 FEMA grant and donations from Cape Meares residents and property owners, the second of four tsunami storage units will be built on 3rd St. this year. Although we have contracted out the structure, we need help to complete this work. To keep costs down, we will do site work and the footings with volunteer labor. Then later, after the building is done, we will need help with shelving, painting, and stocking the material into the existing unit on 7th St. and the new unit on 3rd.

Please let Chris Spence know if you can help with the footing work the week of May 22. We will send out a schedule for the balance of the work at a later date. The goal is to complete and stock these the units on 3rd and 7th Streets prior to Oct 31.

Due to the generosity of Cape Meares residents, we have adequate funding to do this work! Thanks! And thank the CMCA board, Mike Neal and Kevin and Kathy Burke who have put this project together.

Chris Spence
(503) 812-8971

Spring Clean-up at Community Center

Pictured above are a few of the residents from Cape Meares who accepted the invitation from Mike and Patti Smith to join them for the Annual Spring Clean-up of the Cape Meares Community Center.

The scheduled start was 10 AM on Saturday, April 8, and that was the same time a surprise hail storm arrived that dumped enough ice pellets on the ground to make the conditions slippery and white everywhere.

Our property is looking great.  Thanks to the following 17 residents who pitched in and helped.  Arla Ayres, Brad Ayers, Andy Ayres, Kathy Burke, BJ Byron, Deborah Neal, Dave Freitas, Ruth Freitas, Marjorie Hirsch, Olli Ollikainen, Jenny Stanley, Charles Ansorge, Wendy Kunkel, Dave Audet, Anita Johanson and our most helpful building managers, Patti and Mike Smith.