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Water Conservation Emergency

Dear Community Members of Cape Meares,

Please conserve water until further notice.  

Replacement parts are being ordered for the filtration plant, until they are installed we are unable to filter water for the community of Cape Meares. 

The 200,000 gallon reservoir is nearly full at 19′ today (5/24/2018).

A second notice will be sent when plant is operational.

Thank you for your patience during this emergency.
 Julia Johnson

Office Manager
Oceanside Water District |

P.O. Box 360 | Oceanside, OR 97134
Business Office 503-842-0370

Board of Commissioner Candidates Respond to Questions from CMCA

The CMCA Board sent each of the six candidates for Tillamook County Commissioner a questionnaire with questions relevant to our community. The deadline for responses was April 17. We received 5 responses which are attached here. The ballots for the election will be sent out on April 25 and are due back to elections on May 15. If you want to hear from all the candidates in person here are the upcoming forums:

April 17, 5:30pm at TBCC
April 18, 7pm a Kiawanda Community Center in Pacific City
April 25, 5:30pm at Pine Grove Community House in Manzanita



Rob Freeman

Cape Meares Road Relocation Project – Public Open House & Notice of Availability

Cape Meares Residents are  receiving this e-mail as part of ongoing project updates for the Cape Meares Road Relocation Project environmental review process.

Please see the attached Notice of Availability (NOA) that was published today, starting the 30-day public comment period for review of the Environmental Assessment. We have also updated the project’s overall schedule, see attached for the current schedule.

The NOA also advertises a Public Open House that you are invited to attend. The Open House will occur between 4 and 6 PM at the Tillamook County Library. Additional details are provided in the NOA.

You may view and/or download the Environmental Assessment (EA) and appendices at the Tillamook County’s website:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you.


Jennifer Chariarse  |  Environmental Specialist

Federal Highway Administration  |  Western Federal Lands Division

360-619-7621  |

Water Conservation Guidelines

On August 24, OWD watermaster Alan Tuckey posted signs in the Cape Meares community asking residents to conserve water usage.  Residents have been asking for clarification regarding guidelines for water use.

Greatest water usage is associated with pressure washing.  A pressure washer uses 8 gallons/minute with a half-day usage of 1000 or about 20% of the monthly allotment of water for a residence.
Please avoid watering lawns or washing cars or boats with an open garden hose.  Avoid filling swimming pools.  Other activities involving water usage ok with moderation.