Questionnaire Regarding Proposed Resort on Bayocean Spit


A survey has been prepared  to gather feedback regarding the proposed eco-resort to be built on the Bayocean spit.  There are 25 items to answer.  It should be possible to complete the survey in about 10-12 minutes.  After you have answered all of the questions be sure to click the submit button located at the bottom.

Click on the link below to access the online survey.

Proposed Eco-Resort on Bayocean Spit

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Update on Eco-Resort Development on Spit


To refresh your memory, this summer a Conditional Use Permit was sought from Tillamook County by the owner of a 53-acre parcel located just south of the second gate at the northern end of the Bayocean spit.  As part of the approval process Tillamook County determined the eco-resort application was “complete.”  This means that all of the Review Criteria were addressed for a Conditional Use permit.  It does not, however, mean that the permit was approved or likely to be approved.

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Emergency Preparedness


Cape Meares has an Emergency Preparedness group that is headed by local resident, Pete Steen.  Recently Mr. Steen compiled a document that is important for every resident in the community to review.  The focus of his compiled document is on “Cape Meares Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness.”

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Safe Drinking Water


E. Vallianatos worked at the EPA for 25 years and has written a book entitled Poison Spring in which he details the methods used by that agency in setting safety standards under the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.  He will be speaking at the Bay City Arts Center, on October 14, 7 PM.

Recent Maps of Bayocean Spit


The maps provided thus far related to the proposed eco-resort on the Bayocean spit have not been particularly forthcoming.  It’s been difficult to determine the precise location of the land owned by Mr. Bernards and also understand how his property relates to other properties in the area.

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