Community Forums Added to Cape Meares Website


The CMCA Board is interested in receiving feedback from Cape Meares residents regarding issues related to the community.  We have already been doing this in a number of ways.  We have informal conversations with  community residents about the work of the Board.  Quarterly public meetings are scheduled and open to residents to attend and offer input.  The Board has also posted online surveys seeking information before actions are taken.

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Survey Results for Proposed Cape Meares Directory


An online survey was posted on August 26 that contained questions regarding both the interest and the need for a directory of Cape Meares residents.  This directory would be made available for both the residents who live in the community on a permanent basis as well as those who own property here and visit their local residence occasionally during the year. It would only be available as an electronic file.The survey was closed on Sunday, August 31 after being viewed by 61 residents.  The results were shared with the members of the CMCA Board on Monday, September 1, and are being released for review at this time to the community.

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Labor Day Potluck News


1:00 PM Sunday August 31st
At The Newly Shingled Community Center

There will be a brief awards ceremony
for outstanding contributions
to the community
followed by

Barbecue/Bountiful Dishes/Bubbly Beverages

And Entertainment Featuring
Betty and Steve Moss

(for whom we will pass the proverbial hat)


Potter, Carole Friedman w/ Pots 4 Sale

Bring a dish to share, some coin to spare
and kick back with another great party.
A special dessert will be provided
so lean toward sides or pasta if in doubt.